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Opening the Gates of Fire Shamanism
The 5 Inner Fires
Light Your Inner Fire and Energetically Burn Away Anything That No Longer Serves You - Including Old Fears And Energetic Patterns That Keep You From Living The Life Of Your Dreams.
In this extraordinary online course we reveal the secrets of traditional fire shamanism. In 5 modules with more than 4 hours of video material I will accompany you step-by-step into this new and fascinating world - with one goal: a long term happy and grounded life.

Now is the time to break out of the reactive energy-robbing way of life. 

Live your life pro-actively and full of passion - live a life that gives you energy!


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23. Nov. 2020

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How Fire Shamanism Can Enrich Your Life

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being alone, depressed and disoriented in this noisy, complex and seemingly ubiquitously connected world?

Unfulfilled career plans, traumatic setbacks or the fear of failure hold you back and prevent you from fulfilling your big dreams?

Then these ancient teachings of fire shamanism are exactly what will help you. This traditional philosophy of life shows you how to reconnect with nature, yourself and your environment. Thus this method will give you support, orientation and energy for a fulfilled path in life.

No matter whether you want to find a new anchor in your life for yourself, whether you are a healer, psychotherapist or a specialist for traditional Chinese medicine looking for solutions for your patients. Or if you just want to let your intuition flow and increase trust in yourself - discovering and awakening your 5 Inner Fires is the basis for you to realize your dreams and to finally find the inner peace where you can arrive. 

This course is your step-by-step guide on how to integrate fire shamanism into your daily life and benefit from its manifold effects.

Experience it yourself now and become part of a continuously growing group of happy and grounded people.
Activate and use your inherent power. Let the energy flow into all areas of your life to revive them.

How Does Fire Shamanism Shows It's Powers

Reflection on this ancient philosophy of life enables you to come into harmony with nature and find yourself as a grounded part of your environment. 

Discovering your 5 Inner Fires will also help you to improve your relationship to others, to nature and to yourself, and to live an active, happy and satisfied life in the long term.

With this holistic, nature-related approach, fire shamanism is the root of spirituality and the starting point of all religious and spiritual groups. 

The fact that fire shamanism is the oldest actively practiced healing tradition in the world proves that the application actually works and is not an innovative 'efficiency idea' of modern industrial society. 

Only the reflection on nature can bear great results: self-healing powers are activated, intuition and proactive creativity come into flow and vitality increases. Therefore - after discovering your 5 Inner Fires - you will feel healthier, more active and alive.

Take the decisive step now and let me accompany you into this world.
Change the foundational energy in your life for more joy, connection and love for yourself and your loved ones.

What you can expect in this extraordinary course

The discovery of the 5 Inner Fires is an exciting and eventful journey where you will never be alone. 

Together we will take all necessary steps to awaken the secret power of fire shamanism within you. 

For this purpose the course is divided into 5 modules: First, you will learn the basics, the origin and the meaning of fire shamanism. 

Then you will learn how to feel and awaken your inner fire. With concrete exercises you will immerse yourself and can experience this body-own power for the first time. 

Finally, you will discover how to use the inner fires in your everyday life and how to make your dreams come true with these new insights.

If you want to start right now and experience this proven approach on your own body, just click on the button, register and start with this course into a new, happy and satisfied life.

Change the base energy in your life for more joy of life, connection and love for yourself and your loved ones.
"Darrel creates an incredible space to give everyone the opportunity to explore and expand their abilities and healing in a safe environment..." 

Oliver Schaffer

"The thought of Darrel's work fills me with great gratitude and I experience it as a gift for mankind, for life and for the world."

Maria Hechenberger

"After Darrel's treatment I felt my whole body soften and my hip pain is hardly noticeable anymore..."

Christiane Fröhlich-Petutschnig

"I have learned to ask questions and to distance myself from negative energies. My life has become easier and richer. Thank you for that..."

Martin Weis

Darrel Combs

Darrel Combs - Naturopath, Trauma Specialist and Indigenous Healer

Naturheiltherapeut, Traumaspezialist und Indigener Heiler

Darrel Combs
Darrel's life experiences and his adventures have taught him that everything is interconnected and interdependent.

As a shaman and healer, Darrel has treated thousands of patients worldwide with his healing gifts .

He first discovered his healing gifts at the age of 10. At the age of 15, he then began his training in Indian medicine and healing arts.

He was called by his first mentor - a Muskogee Shaman - to start his 7-year traditional shamanic training as his disciple.
His healing powers led Darrel to his second mentor - a Cherokee medicine man. There he deepend and strengthend his training as a shaman.

His search for truth and spirituality has led Darrel to shamans, elders and people of various indigenous peoples around the world.

Over the years, Darrel has lived and worked with Tarahumara Indians in a children's prison in Mexico, with Quechua Indians in a soil conservation program in Ecuador, with Q'iche and Q'ichaquel Indians in a post-war project in Guatemala, and with Tibetans in a refugee camp in northern India.
"Our health is directly related to our relationship with ourselves, our family, our friends, our spirituality, our food, our water, and our earth."
 Darrel Combs
"I am deeply grateful for my deep connection to nature, spirituality and the access to my intuitive abilities which has saved my life several times."    
- Darrel Combs
His studies as part of his village work and research of "Indigenous Health and Trauma Psychology" took Darrel to Australia. There he was adopted by the Nyikina/Mangala Aboriginal tribe, where he lived and worked with them.

In 2020 he then founded the Healing Presence Academy to make is knowledge and experience available to others.

In his seminars you can learn from Darrel about deep indigenous knowledge and wisdom from his decades of experience. 

In his 3-year shamanic training programm he teaches his students to stand in their own personal gifts and to go their way as shamans and healers. 
"I am deeply grateful for my deep connection to nature, spirituality and the access to my intuitive abilities which has saved my life several times."  - Darrel Combs

The 5 Inner Fires - Curriculum

The 5 Inner Fire Video Training is a transformative journey towards awakening the 5 Inner Fires within you.

Under the guidance of Darrel Combs, you will discover how to activate the energy systems of your body, resolve energetic blockages and weaknesses, and in a short period of time come into harmony with yourself and your environment - even if you have never practiced energy healing before in your life.

The curriculum includes a series of practical exercises with Darrel which he also teaches in his live workshops. You will also receive background information about the origin of fire shamanism.

All information is divided into five easy to understand chapters that you can consume from the comfort of your own home.

Available On Your Personal Computer, Mac, Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone

Course Modules:


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Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty
I will show you how to use the energy of the 5 Inner Fires specifically as a resource of resilience. How you open the doors to connectedness and healing in and for your life through your 5 Inner Fires. 

Learn the ancient method used by traditional healers t0 heal emotional wounds and fears. This healing technique in itself is a powerful way to support your own healing process and that of your patients. In my own private practice I have used this technique in healing processes to relieve panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, nightmares, etc. in hundreds of patients. It works.
  • Feel strengthened, safe and alive
  • Release pressure and become empowered to take action
  • ​Discover your vision as a resource that pulls you forward
"I have created this bonus material because this time shows us how important it is to have anchors of stability for us and our families."
Darrel Combs - Founder of the Healing Presence Academy
"The 5 Inner Fires" Online Course
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More Experiences by Darrel's Students

"Darrel conveys deep and sacred knowledge and wonderful tools"

"Darrel conveys deep and sacred knowledge and wonderful tools that make healing on all levels possible.

Above all, he opens spaces - spaces of transformation and healing. [...] I am incredibly grateful for this voyage of discovery!"

Kristin Walther


"I am so grateful to experience this!"

"I have felt such lightness in me, and so much light - and I am so grateful that I am allowed to feel it. 

For the first time I believe that I can take this with me and integrate it into my life."

Rafael F. Pinheiro


"I love Darrel's presence, charisma, and authenticity!"

"Darrel has the gift of creating spaces for self-discovery. [...]

I can highly recommend Darrel's training. If you are interested in healing, you should definitely try it."

Elisabeth Frühwirth


Generate new strength for yourself and the realization of your goals and visions as a resource for your life path.
Get in tune with something much bigger and co-manifest your goals and visions through special Muscogee Indian techniques and exercises.
Awaken a fire within you that brings your body, mind and emotions back into harmony and balance.
Learn a profound way of praying and cleansing that has been handed down from healer to healer and can now be handed down to you.


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"The 5 Inner Fires" Online Course
Limited Time €247 
Only €97*
Using Coupon Code "FIVEDAYS"

 *incl. Bonus if you join today

More Feedback from Darrel's students...
"Darrel is so clear and in touch with the light that it is easy for me to be in confidence...."

Dr. Rita Winkler

"I thank you with all my heart for ALL that you have taught me, for your lived love towards humanity and the earth. For the "other world" you opened up for me...."

Ursula Grolimund

"In his seminars I have experienced what is possible and how much we actually perceive and know - we just have to open up and listen/feel....".

Olivia Ruhtenberg

"I feel great resonance with the way Darrel leads me. He is very authentic, modest, open, humorous and one can clearly feel his great, deeply integrated knowledge is."

Anna Chabin

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